IST brings you practical technology to solve your biggest maintenance headaches. In-deck wiring has always been a frequent failure point at pools – bad connections, waterlogged wires and corrosion after only a year! DECKLIGHT is the solution. No more cleaning corrosion or replacing connections. Completely sealed and metal-free, DECKLIGHT is the in-deck solution for swimming touchpad sensors you have been waiting for.


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  • No Metal Contacts
  • Sealed Construction
  • In-deck boxes flush with deck
  • Works in standing water
  • No more putting goop on your deck connections
  • Can be customized to your pool
  • Works with all IST Systems
  • US Patent No. 7,372,014 B1


IST’s DECKLIGHT is a patented optical sensor system that replaces traditional in-deck wiring or on-deck cables. Without metal contacts there is increased reliability, longevity and significantly lower maintenance than with traditional metal-to-metal connections. Without the possibility of corrosion, there is no loss of conductivity from the touchpad through the deck connection.  DECKLIGHT uses an LED that flashes when a swimming touchpad or button is activated. That flash is detected by a photo sensor in the deck box or cable and the signal is transmitted to the Computer Timing Interface. The LED’s are powered by induction, in much the same way as a rechargeable electric toothbrush, but the CTI provides the charge. The DECKLIGHT system is completely sealed. It will work in standing water, requires no batteries and there is no possibility for signal interference, so the times are always accurate.

Note: DECKLIGHT is NOT compatible with DAKTRONICS brand touchpads.


Operating Features


Product Literature

DECKLIGHT Optical Connection System – PDF

Hardware Product Specifications

DECKLIGHT Optical Connection System – PDF