The SWIMSTART Electronic Start System from International Sports Timing includes a public address (PA) system, tone and strobe start signals, and recall tone in a rugged case. By using state-of-the-art micro circuitry, we fit lots of features in a compact package. Solid state electronic components provide outstanding durability. All speaker and timing system connections are external, so there’s no need to expose the electronics during hookup.

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  • Versatile and affordable
  • Compact rugged case
  • 360º strobe
  • Tone & strobe signals
  • Recall tone
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in PA system
  • Optional Wireless Package
  • 5-Year limited warranty, 2-Year battery warranty


SWIMSTART may be used stand-alone or interfaced to IST’s MEETWARE or TIMEWARETiming Systems or other popular timing consoles. No-tip feet allow the unit to be placed directly on the deck, or attach it to the backstroke flag pole with the latching straps included with the unit.

Our internal, rechargeable 12V battery has an intelligent charging circuit that makes it impossible to overcharge. There is no need to run the battery down before charging either; you can store SWIMSTART with the charger plugged in, so you always have a full charge for every meet.

The forty watt speaker will get every swimmers attention, or plug far-side or block speakersinto the auxiliary jack for better sound coverage. The ultra-bright strobe is located on top. For practice, turn the speaker off and use the strobe only to train swimmers for the fastest possible start.

IST’s 5-year warranty (2 years on the battery) means years of worry free use.


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