SWIMCLOCK With Bluetooth

Use the SWIMCLOCK Phone App on your Android Smart Phone to create unlimited sets, organized by category with unlimited different intervals. Select to count up or down, and number of reps to run. A tone sounds for the beginning of each set and repeat. Send the data to your SWIMCLOCK with your phone’s Bluetooth wireless technology with minimal impact on the phone battery

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  • A digital pace clock controlled with Bluetooth wireless technology and an Android cell phone
  • Super-bright LED indoor/outdoor numerals
  • Counts continuously or programmable
  • Rugged and portable
  • 5-year warranty


SWIMCLOCK with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology provides unparalleled flexibility and control over workouts. SWIMCLOCK uses dependable, super-bright LED’s that are visible indoors or out. The four 6.5 inch digits are enclosed in a rugged aluminum case with Plexiglas lens. Available with or without battery. Wall-mount bracket included.

Create unlimited workouts with unlimited sets in each. Save in memory to reuse, edit, or delete and replace. While running a workout, the coach can start, stop and restart, or reset the whole workout at any time, or move to any set in the workout. You also have the option to pause the clock between sets, or run the workout from beginning to end without stopping.

Use E-Z Workout to program a single interval and the number of repeats. Also includes Game Clock and Stopwatch modes. Multiple SWIMCLOCK’s can be run synchronously from one cell phone.


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