Numeric Scoreboard

IST’s SWIMWARE Numeric Scoreboards are driven by IST’s MEETWARE or  TIMEWARE Swimming and Diving Software. During swimming events, numeric boards display a running clock on Lane 1 (or on optional scrolling message line), and cumulative splits on the remaining lanes (Lane 1 split is displayed briefly, then the running clock continues). As a lane finishes the race, the Lane, Place and Time are displayed.  With optional Scrolling Message Line, the message line displays the Event number, Heat number and running clock.

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  • Bright red LED display
  • Protective lens
  • Modular construction
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Very low power use
  • Upgrade to Alpha
  • 5-year warranty
  • Outdoor model available


During diving events, the board displays the diver’s rotation number and current score, the score for that dive and the new total score.

Single line boards display a running clock and leader’s split during the race, then Lane, Place and Final Time for all finishes.

With POLOWARE Water Polo Software, the board displays the period, shot clock, exclusion clock, and home and guest scores.

Use WORKWARE to run a different workout clock on each line of the scoreboard.

A scrolling alphanumeric message line can be added to expand the uses for the board. Numeric Scoreboards can easily be upgraded to a full alphanumeric display. Customize your board with team or sponsor logo panels which can be added for an extra charge. SWIMWARE Numeric Scoreboards are covered by a 5 year warranty.


Single-Line Specification
Multi-Line Specification
Multi-line Score Boards with Scrolling Message Line