IST Touchpads

The IST Touchpad’s unique design is patented.  The IST Touchpad is completely sealed by a molded polyurethane edge that extends .25 inch beyond the metal plates inside the pad. This creates a bumper that protects the pad, your pool and the people who handle them.

Since the IST Touchpad doesn’t require air pressure, there’s no “floating”. Keeping water out of the pad means there’s no build of salts and other chemicals to shorten the life of the pad.

The surface of the IST Touchpad is a textured vinyl that resists scratching while being slip resistant and comfortable for the swimmers. The back of the pad has also been made slip resistant, so swimmers can feel secure in their turns.

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  • Sealed construction
  • Slip free comfort surface
  • Top & edge sensitivity
  • Molded bumper edge
  • Light weight
  • Custom brackets
  • Spacers available
  • 2-year Limited Warranty
  • US Patent No. 7,358,456


The IST Touchpad is held in place with a custom-bent metal bracket (link to bracket page) designed to fit your specific gutter. The bracket is adjustable and it is held in place with a rubberized flat knob, eliminating injuries to swimmers as they climb out of the pool.

Touchpads are available in 60” and 78” widths. All touchpads are 22” deep and conform to NFHS and FINA standards for thickness. “


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