Computer Timing Interface

A Computer Timing Interface connects to the computer via a USB cable, and to the deck cable, electronic start device and swimming scoreboard. The Computer Timing Interface houses a highly accurate clock circuit that provides the timing data, so you don’t have to depend on variable computer clocks.

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  • Rugged Construction
  • Splash resistant
  • USB cable to your computer
  • Connections for backup start button, power cord, scoreboard, diving interface, deck cable


A CTI is required for running our TIMEWARE or MEETWARE software when using inputs such as the SWIMSTART electronic start, backup buttons or touchpads.

The Computer Timing Interface connects the computer to the scoreboard, touch pads, start device and any accessory equipment.


1. Dimensions: 8.0″ wide by 2.5″ high by 6.25″ deep.
2. Inputs: computer via USB cable, deck cable, scoreboard (RJ11 or audio jack), backup start and power.
3. Indicator lamps: power and data transmission.