Clock Remote

The CLOCKREMOTE package allows you to connect 2 or more clocks together wirelessly. You can run multiple SWIMCLOCKs off the same programming pendant, or use the wireless to link the shot and game clocks for a water polo match. The remote transmitter and receiver both draw their power from the SWIMCLOCK, SWIMCOUNT or SHOTCLOCK so no batteris are required. The transmitter/receiver work in the 900MHz frequency range and have a 100+ yard range.

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  • Allows for wireless synchronization of multiple clocks
  • Run multiple clocks of a single programming pendent
  • 100+ yard range
  • Powered by the clock, no batteries necessary
  • 900 MHz Technology


The IST Clock Remote allows you to control multiple clocks wirelessly with on controller. Plug the controller into the transmitter, and the transmitter into a clock. Plug a receiver into each additional clock that you wish to control. All clocks will receive any information that is sent from the controller and will remain in sync throughout the practice.


Not Currently Available.