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Swim Timing, Meet and Team Management Software

  • Turn your computer into a fully integrated timing, meet and team management system
  • Run a meet on one computer
  • Create your own Event List for any type of meet
  • Design Point Systems and Seeding Parameters that fit your meets
  • Network additional computers for real-time deck seeding and off-line scoring for big meets
  • Import entries & export results to Hy-Tek's Team Manager
  • Scoreboard Message Function
  • Free 24/7 product support

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MEETWARE®3 Software turns your PC into a fully integrated timing, meet and team management system with the addition of our Computer Timing Interface (CTI). MEETWARE®3 runs everything from a quick summer league dual meet to a 3 day age-group invitational with ease. MEETWARE®3 is unique in offering a package that allows you to create meet structures, time meets and maintain athlete histories in one program on one computer. Network additional computers to do real-time deck seeding and off-line scoring, so even big meets to run with ease.

Create Event Lists

Create your own event lists for any type of meet: Age Group, High School, College, Freshman/JV/Varsity and Prelim/Semi/Final.

Set Up the Meet

Give the meet a unique name, select the point system and event list, enter the teams and set the parameters for displaying and printing the results.  Select a record group to print on programs and check a box to FTP results to the web at the end of each event.

Enter Athletes

Enter your athletes by event or select an athlete's name and enter them in all their events at once. Pop-up screens for relay entry allows you to see all athletes entered.

  Create a Point System

Design a point system to fit your meet: Dual, Multiple Dual, Triangle, Prelim/Semi/Finals, Timed Final, Pentathlon, Invitational, Freshman/JV/Varsity.

Choose Seeding Paramaters
Setup seeding parameters specific to your meet. Select to seed by Position, Times/Points or Random. Seed the meet as Dual, Multiple Dual, Triangle, Timed Finals, Circle Seed, Pentathlon, Round Robin, Random or Invitational.

Seed Events

When entries are complete, seed selected or all events with one click. Seeds diving as well as swimming events. Drag and drop seeded entries to other lanes or heats.  
Once you've seeded the entries, you're ready to time the meet. Network terminals for real-time deck seeding and off-line scoring while the meet continues to run. Each meet's result data is stored in the same database, easily accessible for reports of all kinds. Exchange entry and result data with other software compatible with USA Swimming's SDIF, like Hy-Tek's TEAM MANAGER.

Combine MEETWARE®3 with a SWIMWARE Alphanumeric Scoreboard or BOARDWARE to scroll event information, display swimmers' team codes and names, all splits, finish times, places and team scores. Diving display includes dive round, current diver's name, team, current score, DD, judges' awards, score for the new dive, new total score, diver's place after last completed round, and current high score. Use MEETWARE®3's Message Function to create and save messages to display on the scoreboard. 


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