Scoreboard Configuration

One of the advantages of IST's scoreboards is their flexibility. You can have as many lines as you want. We sell mostly 6 and 8 lane boards, but you can have 1 line or 10 depending on your needs. If you can't afford to buy a 6 lane board all at once, you can buy a one line board first. Then, as you acquire more money, you can add lines to make a six lane scoreboard.

6 Lane Board 

8 Lane Board

1 Line Board 

Eight Lane Side-By-Side Board


If vertical height is a problem in your pool, our side-by-side configuration may be a solution. In this pool in Sun Prairie, WI, overhead ductwork meant the side-by-side configuration was the only way to fit an 8 lane board on the wall. (Bottom graphics panels are available for an extra charge.)




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