• A Continuous Count Digital Clock
  • Super-bright LED Indoor/Outdoor Numerals
  • Counts Continuously
  • Rugged and Portable
  • 5-Year Warranty

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    SWIMCLOCK provides unparalleled flexibility and control over workout situations and has many other uses in the pool environment. Unlike other clocks, SWIMCLOCK uses a dependable, low-power LED display, avoiding the mechanical problems associated with "flipper" type displays and providing much better readability than old fashioned pace clocks.  The built-in electronic "horn" is audible throughout the pool.

    The SWIMCLOCK has four Super-bright LED Indoor/Outdoor numerals mounted in a rugged aluminum case. The hand-held programming pendent includes a 16-key keypad and back lit alphanumeric LCD display. The standard model is powered by a 110 volt wall transformer.  SWIMCLOCK is also available with an internal rechargeable battery for complete portability.

    These versatile clocks also have many other uses outside the swimming pool.  Track and wrestling teams find many ways to use them.  They're also popular for circuit training in weight rooms and exercise studios.   They've been used for everything from timing pit stops at a race track to speakers a board meetings!  The SWIMCLOCK is the perfect fit where ever interval timing is needed.

    Workout Mode allows you to create up to 30 different sets, each containing up to 5 different intervals. You may select whether the time counts up or down, and how many repetitions of an interval you wish to run. If you train with more than one swimmer in a lane, you can program a send-off tone to sound at an interval you select. 

    Once several sets have been configured, they can be arranged in up to 15 workouts consisting of one to thirty sets each. A new workout is created by assigning it a number from 1 to 15 and then selecting the sets to run, by number. Workouts can be recalled at any time merely by entering the workout number. Once entered, a workout can be edited or deleted and replaced. All sets and workouts are stored permanently in  memory. Next select USE WORKOUT from the main workout menu. You are prompted for the workout number to run.  You can start, stop, or reset the whole workout at any time.  Three start tones begin each set and a single tone starts each interval. 

    Selecting E-Z WORKOUT allows the coach to quickly program the clock with one time and a number of repetitions. MEMORY MODIFY clears the memory and checks memory availability.

    Stopwatch Mode lets you use the SWIMCLOCK as a stopwatch with a display any swimmer can read.  In Game Clock Mode you can set a game time for the clock to count up or down.  The time can be stopped, restarted and reset with ease.  When the clock runs out, the horn sounds to end the game.

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